5 Activity At under 10 Minutes That Make Longevity

Speaking of dreams for longevity generally refers to the cost of a healthy lifestyle that is quite expensive and the way he said “pretty tortured”. In fact, there are still many other ways which are much more cheap, fast, and simple to realize the best body condition. In fact, reported by the Reader’s Digest, there are 5 simple activities that you can apply to be always healthy and long life. What’s it?

1. Insufficient water intake

The first is the easy way to expand drinking water. Hydration is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, drinking plenty of water will also increase blood circulation, which can encourage the flow and elimination of toxins in the body. It ever undertook to nourish and maintain the function of the organ of the heart, liver, and kidney stress.

Specifically, You are also diligently working out, don’t forget to always hydrate the body. Water can improve the performance of muscles at once helps restore your muscles.

2. not hand wash

Although it’s very easy to do, the fact that many people still forsook with hand washing. In fact, only by diligent hand washing, you can avoid the various diseases, especially diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

Moreover, the Center for disease control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended washing hands before and after performing certain activities, for example to the toilet, eating, and visiting the sick. As additional information, hand washing with SOAP can reduce the risk of diarrheal disease by up to 47 percent.

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