Establish a Water Drinking Routine to Up Your Intake

I’ll be the first to tell you that I struggle with drinking enough water every day.  Some days I do really well, but many days out of the week I don’t drink enough, despite my best intentions.
But the truth of the matter is that I feel exponentially better when I’m drinking plentiful amounts – lots of energy, my skin looks and feels better, I digest and eliminate food more easily. Simply put, it supports my health in numerous ways.

In fact, drinking sufficient amounts of water is usually the health goal I like to focus on every day my biggest challenge.

That’s why I tweet about it a lot on Twitter, my favorite social networking site, encouraging those that follow me to drink more too. What I notice is that when I get focused on it and share my goals with others, I get great reinforcement and encouragement. I realize that other people struggle with it too and that I’m not alone. When I focus on it and mention it, I tend to drink more. Even sitting down to write this post reminds me that I’m behind on my water today and I’m finishing up my glass.
Do you ever pay attention to your water drinking patterns? Here’s what I’ve noticed about my water drinking:

  • When I slow down, breathe more and cut out the hectic pace, I’m more tuned in and focused on my body. And when I’m more focused, I drink more water. I put more attention on it and make it a priority.
  • I drink less water on the weekends when my schedule is less structured. I find structure helpful for keeping me on track, but noticing my weekend pattern, I’m consciously working on drinking more earlier in the day
  • After having tried a variety of approaches, I seem to do best when I drink a whole glass at once. Sipping on an 8 or 10-ounce glass is a great recipe for me to procrastinate and not do it!  Chugging a glass down is a good strategy for me (just need more of them)
  • I also tend to work best when I have a goal of say, 32 ounces by 12 noon. It gives me something concrete to work toward.

What do you notice about your water drinking patterns? Does being busy tend to distract you from paying attention to this? What will get you more focused?
Share your water drinking success stories and let’s get motivated together.

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