It’s National Nutrition Month — What’s in Your Frig?

National Nutrition Month
Yours truly, The Clean Eating Coach, is a big believer in creating a healthy, clean eating lifestyle that’s easy to maintain all year long.  But as we know, not all of us are able to sustain healthy eating. For some people, they have the best of intentions, yet can’t quite seem to put all the pieces together consistently while others can more easily find a repeatable routine and system that works.
March is National Nutrition Month, an awareness campaign sponsored by the American Dietetic Association.  It’s an effort to help people reinforce eating the right foods and focusing on exercise, the 1-2 punch that sets you up for healthy living.
Being that spring is right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to be thinking about your own eating habits so far in 2010.  Here are three simple questions:
  • Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables in a day? I shoot for at least 7 servings a day. What about you?
  • Are you eating healthy fats like avocado and using olive oil, kicking saturated and trans fat to the curb?
  • Have you reduced or eliminated processed foods that are full of sugar and salt?
Making changes in one or all of these areas is a simple step in the right direction.  When we eat less processed food our bodies stand up and take notice – we have more energy, we avoid the pesky afternoon sugar drop and our bodies function so much more efficiently, not to mention that we’re helping to prevent a host of chronic diseases simply by improving our diet.  When I’m eating a clean diet free of processed foods and I’m focused on whole foods, I also notice a huge difference when it comes to PMS – namely that I don’t experience it.  (Yes, it’s true, you can be PMS free)
One of my favorite places to take a look at my eating habits, and a suggestion I make to all my clients, is to clean out the refrigerator, identifying what’s fresh and what’s not and creating a clean eating slate, so to speak.  This is a healthful tool to get focused on clean eating on multiple levels – you get rid of things that no longer serve you, you see the truth of your buying and food waste patterns and you can take inventory of the kind of foods you tend to eat, recognizing gaps.   What’s missing from the refrigerator that you know would be healthier and what are some things you should avoid in the future? The beauty is that it doesn’t have to take long to clean things out and prepare to start fresh, an important component of creating a clean eating lifestyle.
When was the last time that you took stock of your refrigerator and assessed your eating? Have you done it this year? When can you commit to making the time to clean things up?  A few actions on your part can make a big difference in eating right during National Nutrition Month and all year long

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