Japanese Secret For Healthy Young Skin Even After 50 Years

Many women today are trying to find other ways to rejuvenate their skin and maintain their young look longer.

Even though there’s no miracle fountain of youth, there definitely ar remedies which will build your skin elastic. costly cosmetic treatments and products don’t always give the desired results that is why we have ready a direction for you which you’ll prepare reception.

Japanese Secret For Healthy Young Skin Even After 50 Years

This Japanese beauty mask uses natural ingredients that contain useful elements for the skin. the most ingredient during this mask is rice. Rice will rejuvenate the skin because of the following properties:

– It tones the skin and conjointly contains inositol, an ingredient that promotes blood flow to the skin thus slow down aging and improve the skin health.

– it’s made in vitamin B which has beneficial properties for the health of the skin, hair and nails. This alimentation protects the skin from harm due to environmental factors and it conjointly softens and strengthens it.

– Rice conjointly hydrates the skin very well making it rejuvenated and firmer.

– it’s AN anti-wrinkle result attributable to the inositol it contains which may stimulate the blood flow as we tend to antecedently mentioned thus counteract wrinkles.

– Rice is additionally an excellent exfoliator that gently removes the dead skin cells permitting the face to rejuvenate gradually.

– It eliminates imperfections thanks to acne by purging, toning and reducing the looks of acne.


The Japanese rejuvenating mask is loaded with vitamins and rejuvenating properties and it works best if used a minimum of doubly a week. you’ll also add it to your usual cream so as to improve its advantages.


  • three tablespoons organic rice. you can notice this within the market or natural food stores, make sure specifically that it’s organic, id est free from pesticides or chemicals, thus you’ll get all the natural properties of rice.
  • 1/2 spoons of distilled water.
  • two tablespoons of ripe avocado.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of honey.


1. the primary thing we do is cook the rice. you employ very little rice, as you’ll see, however we want to make certain that the mask is freshly created each time, since it’s how to benefit from its characteristics. Heat the rice till tender then separate the water from the rice. Save the 2 items.

2.What we do now could be to strain the rice and place it in another bowl and add the avocado and therefore the honey. Use a spoon to stir the mixture well to make a fine, homogeneous paste. once you ar prepared, apply it to your skin.

3.Leave on your face for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. Then use a cotton swab to remove it and wash your face with the rice water you antecedently reserved. during this way, you’ll exfoliate and treat tiny stains and impurities.

As you’ll see this facial mask of Japanese origin is incredibly complete, simple and low-cost. It permits U.S. to profit from each rice and rice water. If you prepare this remedy doubly a week, it’ll rejuvenate your face daily. Try it!

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