Save Money on Food by Cleaning out the Frig

cleaning out the fridge
Creating healthy meals and saving money on food is a snap when you’re ready and willing to slow down and increase your awareness about your habits.
There’s nothing worse than reaching into the produce drawer to pull out some lettuce or a cucumber and discovering that not only has it spoiled but it’s liquefied.  Has that ever happened to you?
It sure has happened to me before and it’s hardly a pleasant experience.  The simple truth is that spoiled, smelly food, items past their peak and a refrigerator that requires a road map to navigate are all signs that your food waste radar is off and that it’s time to regroup if you’re serious about saving money.
When we’re so busy that we don’t know what we have and how long it’s been there, conditions are ripe to waste food, eat things past their peak and waste lots of money.  In this day and age of tamped down budgets and doing more with less, it only makes sense to increase our awareness and adjust our habits to maximize savings.
How? When you create a weekly meal planning routine, it’s easy to build in some extra time to assess the state of your refrigerator — what are you out of, what needs to be thrown away, what needs to be used up. Plus, when you make weekly cleaning a habit you can begin to identify your food waste patterns. What is it that you tend to throw away week after week? How can you cut back?
How committed are you to saving money on food? It’s actually not that hard with a little foresight, effort and just the right dose of motivation. Do you currently clean and take stock of what’s in your frig each week? if not, what gets in the way? What will it take for you start to cleaning regularly?
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