Why Owning a Pet is Great for Your Health

Why Owning a Pet is Great for Your Health

We’re sure you’ve heard that old saying “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” but what about when it comes to pets? Not only do dogs, cats and other animals make wonderful companions but research has shown that having a pet can also have some surprising benefits for your health. What’s great about pets is they always show unconditional love and you don’t have to worry about them “barking back” so to speak. We did a little research and these are the top health benefits owning a pet can provide.

1. Increased Immune System: Studies have revealed that children who are introduced to furry friends at an early age are less likely to develop allergies to animals later in life. By being around a dog or a cat, the allergens are weakened and the body’s immune system strengthens over time.

2. Decreases Depression: A loving touch or cuddle is all someone really needs at times when they are feeling down and dogs/cats are the best form of comfort. Their love is simply unconditional and many times they can sense when you’re feeling bad and know how to make it all better.

3. Increases Social Interaction: Think about how many times you’ve taken your dog for a walk and have had someone come up and comment. One of the great things about owning a pet is they are awesome conversation starters and can help you break the ice. You wouldn’t believe how many new friendships can be made just from chatting about your animals.

4. Exercise Motivation: If you’re finding going to the gym boring and don’t really feel like getting up off the couch, having a dog can be a great motivator for moving your body more. Not only do dogs need walks 2-3 times per day but that like to go at a fast pace which can help your burn extra calories throughout the day.

5. Companionship is Good for the Soul: Having someone who is always there by your side is good for the human condition and your overall health. It’s good to have a constant companion so you don’t feel alone which can lead to depression and other mental health issues. Plus, pets can be such a joy to be around you can’t help but smile and be in better spirits.

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